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Leather Wise Problem Solving for Suppliers to the Leather Industry

No matter how carefully controlled your process is, there will always be occasions when something goes wrong. After all, when dealing with such a highly variable substrate as hides and skins, this is inevitable. When these occasions do arise, it is important that the cause of the problem is identified as quickly as possible so that normal production can resume. Leather Wise has the expertise and access to highly specialised laboratory equipment to help you identify the causes of problems and can recommend how to prevent their reoccurrence.

We can identify the cause of faults occurring at any stage of processing; typical problems that we can assist with are those of discoloured or stained leather, weakness, grain damage, finishing faults etc. We use highly sophisticated laboratory techniques such as scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis and fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy to aid these investigations. You will find that our reports will, wherever possible, identify the cause of the fault and recommend methods that can be implemented to overcome it in simple, easy to understand terms.

We are also able to arbitrate in disputes between you and your supplier or customer. For example, we can determine if a particular defect originates from the raw material as supplied to you, or if it occurred during your processing of the material, or if the failure of a product, such as a pair of shoes, is due to faulty leather manufacture or faulty construction of the product. You can be assured that we will always provide a fair and wholly impartial service.

This service is charged for at an hourly rate and is very competitively priced. Remember, if it enables you to fulfil your customer’s order instead of it going on the reject pile, the service is invaluable.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of Leather Wise’s Problem Solving Service in more detail please contact Amanda Michel: 01933 622386, mobile: 07737 745440, email: info@leatherwise.co.uk

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